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The Guardian by Beverly Lewis

9780764209796 guardianAlthough Beverly Lewis defines Amish Fiction, I have to say I haven’t always been one of her biggest fans; however my opinion may slowly be changing after reading The Guardian.

Maryanna Esh is already struggling after losing her husband in a farming accident, when one evening she returns home to learn her daughter, Sarah, is missing.  While the whole community, including Maryanna’s neighbor Joshua Peachey, searches to find Sarah they fear the worst when they find only her dress and hairpins.

Jodi Winfield is running from her feelings, God, everything, since losing her sister, Karen, to cancer.  She accepts an offer to house-sit for her cousin and while out on a morning run, Jodi finds Sarah lost in a field wearing only her undergarments.  Jodi takes the child in and works to find her family.  Sarah is eventually reunited with her family and they think Jodi is an angel who saved her.

Maryanna forms a tentative friendship with Jodi, and even though they are from two very different worlds, they both have suffered an unbearable loss.  Can they help each other get past what’s been preventing them from moving on?

This book is part of the Home to Hickory Hollow series, so Lewis fans will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. While Amish Fiction fans will undoubtedly love The Guardian, it is simply a great story about the power of moving forward after unbearable loss, so it will appeal to other patrons as well.


Learn more and order here.


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