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The Paradise Guest House by Ellen Sussman

9780345522818 guestI was not at all certain what to expect when I chose to read The Paradise Guest House. I found that Ellen Sussman has woven a memorable and heart wrenching story of a horrible tragedy–one where the simplest of things from the flash of a camera to a certain smell can trigger a painful memory.

Jaime Hyde is an adventurous adrenaline junky and travel guide, who has been all over the world. She has conquered mountains and enjoyed the sites of many countries. But while vacationing in Bali with her boyfriend, Miguel, they become victims of terrorist attacks and bombings at several nightclubs.

After losing Miguel in the bombings, she helps Gabe Winters rescue other people. Gabe is an ex-pat who teaches at a local school and when Jaime needs to be rescued it is Gabe who reaches out and tends to her during her brief recovery. Jaime leaves Bali, but returns a year later for the anniversary ceremonies. She seeks out Gabe and together they realize they fell in love during their short time together.

This book is a surprising journey for a young woman who comes full circle from hating a country to finally being able to make peace with the country and its people.


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