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Let’s Go Hugo! by Angela Dominguez

9780803738645 hugoHugo is not your typical bird.  He prefers the ground and doesn’t fly (and no, he’s not a penguin).  Set in the beautiful backdrop of Paris, Hugo is working on his masterpiece of the Eiffel Tower.  Lulu, a bird passing by, stopped to admire his work and told Hugo that she knew what he was making and that she knew where it was.  Lulu wanted him to fly with her to see it.  Hugo, not liking to fly, begins plotting to stall.

He suggests that they walk around the park first.  While there, they indulge in some popcorn, play in a water fountain and watch a ballet.  Throughout their day, Lulu keeps asking Hugo if he’s ready to go.  Night falls and Lulu points out that if they want to see the Tower, they really need to go soon.  Hugo says that it’s too dangerous to fly at night and asks her to wait to go until the morning.  Lulu agrees and heads home.  Second guessing himself, Hugo realizes that he may not see Lulu again or have the chance to ever see the Eiffel Tower, he runs after her.  Unfortunately, she is already high in the sky.

Seeing his dismay, Bernard the old owl, asks Hugo what’s wrong.  Without thinking, Hugo proclaims that he is afraid to fly.  The wise owl tells Hugo that everyone is afraid of something and that because of that fear, much is missed.

Bernard offers to teach Hugo to fly.  After some debate, Hugo agrees.  Under the moon light and the watchful eye of Bernard, Hugo practices.  As the sun begins to rise, Bernard readies for bed and congratulates Hugo on a job well done.

Lulu finds Hugo perched high in a tree and asks him if he’s ready to go.  Hugo admits to her that he is a little scared.  Lulu encourages him and holds out her wing.  Together, they take flight.  Not long, Hugo is enjoying the view so much so that he forgets to be afraid.

In conclusion, this lovely children’s book is a reminder that there is always someone willing to help and always someone willing to hold your hand.  Face fear head on and know that the sky is the limit.


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