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One Tough Chick by Leslie Margolis

One Tough ChickMiddle school can be tough for a tween girl, and Leslie Margolis covers all the ups and downs in her Annabelle Unleashed series. The fourth book, One Tough Chick, keeps the momentum going.

Annabelle is a normal middle school girl who likes to hang out with her friends. She’s excited because she may be going on her first date with Oliver, a boy from her science class. There is an upcoming talent show at school that has everyone buzzing and trying to figure out their talent so they can enter. After a surprising audition, Annabelle ends up being named a judge instead of a contestant.

As the talent show nears, she finds “friends” she never knew before. She also finds people accuse her of unfair treatment for her friends and Oliver. But how is she supposed to be fair and not vote for her friends or the boy she cares about?

If that wasn’t enough for Annabelle, there are also some strange things going on at home with her new stepdad and her mom. Why are they both acting so strange?

Regular readers of this series will not be disappointed in Annabelle’s latest adventure. New readers are also welcomed into the fold with One Tough Chick, as Margolis does a great job of keeping new readers in the loop.

I would recommend adding this to your young adult collection for tween girls who are looking for a character to whom they can relate and turn to when their days at school seem like the end of the world. In addition to One Tough Chick, I also recommend making sure you have all of Annabelle’s previous adventures on hand, because once they become friends with Annabelle, they won’t want to part.


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One thought on “One Tough Chick by Leslie Margolis

  1. Celeste on said:

    Love this book!! doing it for book report

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