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Let’s Meet a Librarian by Gina Bellasario

Cloverleaf Books has a great new series for children called Community Helpers, where readers are introduced to ways different individuals benefit their community through their jobs. Careers include construction workers, doctors and dentists, firefighters and policemen, teachers, and veterinarians.  The book in the series that jumped out at me most was Let’s Meet a Librarian. When I saw this book, I knew I had to check it out.

Let’s Meet a Librarian takes all of the things librarians do and makes them super fun and colorful for kids. This book focuses on librarian Mr. Field and what he does at a school library. Besides telling what Mr. Field does, the book gives little clues about the related topics, whether it’s about a computer virus or the Dewey Decimal System.

The best part of the book, though, is the book hunt at the end. It is the perfect book to use in either a school or public library setting for kids visiting the library for the first time. Perhaps this could be turned into a scavenger hunt for those kids to pick out the very first book they’re going to check out of the library!

Even though I didn’t read the other titles in the series, I’m sure they’ll be just as informative and fun as Let’s Meet a Librarian, so add it to your shelves today!


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