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Children & Teen Nonfiction Picks – November 2012

One of Brodart’s newest selection list offerings in 2012 is Children & Teen Nonfiction Picks. These titles are popular, fun nonfiction topics for kids and teens; it is not curriculum support.  Subjects include, but are not limited to, such topics as sports, animals and pets, current celebrities, computers and gaming, fashion, crafts, self-help, and dating. Check out a few choice selections from the November list below, then follow the link to view the entire list.

Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia

Disney and Pixar began releasing computer-generated animated movies in 1995 with the blockbuster Toy Story. Since then, a total of 12 additional films have been released, including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up, and most recently, Brave. Each movie seems to be better than the last, and receives not only wide spread critical acclaim, but becomes a beloved movie for parents and children to watch again and again. The characters have become synonymous with pop culture and American life, so a reference book like Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia is a great way for kids and their parents to learn more about the one(s) that spoke the loudest to them. I know I’ll be turning right to Sully from Monsters, Inc. Learn more about this title at

Gabby Douglas

One of the biggest stars to emerge from the 2012 Summer Olympics was Gabby Douglas, winner of not only the team gymnastics gold medal but the individual all around competition, becoming the first American woman to do so in the same Olympic Games. People were not only impressed with her skills on the various apparatuses, but with her down-to-Earth demeanor and likeable personality. Her popularity continues to rise as she earned a Kellogg’s Wheaties box, a spot in the new Super Mario Bros 2 ad campaign, and a role on the popular TV show The Vampire Diaries. Her youngest fans will want to learn all there is about this great role model, and Gabby Douglas tells the story of her life and her successes. Learn more about this title at

My Dog is a Hero

Who doesn’t love a good book about dogs? Man’s best friend can be everything from a lap dog who sleeps his day away on his favorite couch to a hard-working productive member of society. My Dog is a Hero gives readers ages eight to 12 a look at some of the hardest working dogs out there, including police dogs, rescue dogs, and guide dogs. Not only will they learn the history of how dogs came into those positions, but they’ll meet famous dogs who’ve done their job best. It’s perfect for any reader who has an interest in dogs, and could even inspire someone to take their dog to the next level. Learn more about this title at

My First Day

Not only do young readers like books about dogs, but they like books about all animals, especially baby ones. What makes My First Day stand out is that instead of focusing on the broad subject of animal babies, it narrows it down to just animals on their first day of existence. Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, who won the Caldecott for What Do You Do with a Tail Like This?, show through gorgeous paper-cut illustrations and short text what happens to 22 different animal species on the day it’s born. Everything from Siberian tigers to emperor penguins is covered. It’s not to be missed. Learn more about this title at

The Fairy Tale Princess

It seems 2012 is the year for retelling fairy tales. Adults can do so in Philip Pullman’s Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm, teens take a turn in In a Glass Grimmly, and now the youngest readers can in The Fairy Tale Princess. Seven different fairy tales with a princess theme are told in this book, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White. Each story gets its own color scheme in the illustrations, which makes the retelling even more magical. The illustrations are done via 3D paper sculptures from vintage book pages, and definitely steal the show. All fairy tale lovers, no matter the age, will be taken with the beauty of this book. Learn more about this title at

View the entire Children & Teen Nonfiction Picks list here.


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