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The Giving Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

Jennifer Chiaverini has embarked on her 20th Elm Creek Quilt Novel with The Giving Quilt. Chiaverini is heading back into familiar territory with this contemporary addition to the series.

In The Giving Quilt, Chiaverini takes us to Elm Creek Manor the week after Thanksgiving for what’s known as Quiltsgiving. Quilters from around the country come to the manor for classes, and in exchange create quilts for the Linus project, a real life charitable organization providing handmade quilts and blankets to children in need. (Chiaverini is a long-time supporter).

Chiaverini begins the book with quite an introduction that will bring new readers up to speed, but it’s a bit of a repeat for some fans. Series readers will be happy to catch up with some of their favorite characters while meeting some new quilters, including six women attending the quilting retreat.

Once the story gets started, we are introduced to the attendees, and their stories.  Master quilter Sylvia Bergstrom Cooper asks each quilter “why do you give?”, and as the week progresses, each must find the answer to that question in their heart. Everyone has their own reason for being there and taking part in the project, including loss and injury.

To me, it seemed the story read more like a collection of short stories then one complete story; however Chiaverini fans will no doubt be interested in the latest tale of what’s happening at Elm Creek Manor. It also features her usual themes of love, loss, and healing, which resonates with many readers especially during the holiday season, when it can be difficult for those dealing with painful situations.

If she isn’t already a permanent resident on your shelves, she should be with The Giving Quilt.


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