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The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

Charlie and Donna Barton run a bookstore called The Bridge in Franklin, TN., taking care of customers and treating them like their family. But when a flood wipes out their store, it feels like it takes their entire lives in addition to their entire stock. As they struggle to find a way to reopen, Charlie and Donna wonder if their dream is gone.

Two of their customers, Ryan and Molly, who met each other at Belmont University, often went to The Bridge as their home away from home for two years. One night they shared a kiss, which changed everything. Seven years later, Molly is in Portland, OR, running a charitable organization and Ryan has just returned to Franklin after touring with a country music duo whose popularity has waned.

After Ryan returns home, he learns of what’s been happening at The Bridge and in Charlie and Donna’s life, and he feels the need to reach out.  Will The Bridge be the bridge that reunites Molly and Ryan?

I’ve read quite a few Karen Kingsbury books and wondered how this book would stack up against the Baxter family and the series for which she became famous.  I was so pleasantly surprised at how awesome this book was, and I could not put it down.  It speaks of the power of second chances and how one decision can change the course of your future.  The Bridge will be a book to return to each holiday season as the message of hope will resonate year after year.  I would add this to my shelf today and recommend your library does the same, because it will be the perfect book for anyone looking for a great holiday book.


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