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A Simple Autumn by Rosalind Lauer

A Simple Autumn is the third and final book in the Seasons of Lancaster series, Lauer’s debut series.  We all have our favorite authors and while many of you know I enjoy Amish fiction, my husband was actually the person who turned me on to Lauer. He had read a snippet of her first book, A Simple Winter, and thought I would love her…and I do. 

A Simple Autumn visits the King family yet again. The King family has faced tragedy and joy.  The children’s parents were killed one evening and all their lives have changed because of this. The focus of A Simple Autumn is on two of the older middle sons: Jonah, who is in love with an Amish woman, Annie, who had a crush on his older brother Adam; and Gabe, who isn’t ready to leave his rumspringa to settle down into the Amish life. While Gabe cares for a young Amish woman Emma, he can’t let go of the toys of his youth, like motorbikes and radios.

Lauer has an amazing talent for combining both the English and the Amish world, and creating a picture of both the idyllic scenes you would expect and the complex emotions of each of her characters. Most of A Simple Autumn focuses on the Amish world and how each of these characters finds their place when life hasn’t turned out the way they imagined. While series fans will be happy to continue with the stories of some of the previous protagonists, new readers won’t be lost for a second as Lauer fills them in, as well.

I have a feeling Lauer will be around for quite a long time with future series, so if Amish fiction is popular with your patrons, you’ll want to add A Simple Autumn today.


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