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My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss

Julie and Julia changed the way people view foodies and food blogs, and has opened the door for other people sharing their life experiences through food. My Berlin Kitchen is the story of Luisa Weiss, whose multi-cultural life and background influenced her love for food. Many times when she missed places near and dear to her heart, she was able to connect to them through her food.

Luisa walks you through her story in little snippets with recipes at the end of each chapter. She was born in Germany at the height of the Cold War to an Italian mother, who doesn’t like to cook, and an American father. One of the stark differences in her parents is their choice in breakfast foods for her. Her mother chose Krumiri, which are cornmeal cookies, and her father ensured she had raisin bran. After Luisa’s parents separate when she is a child, she moves back and forth between Berlin and the U.S., a theme that will continue for most of her life. Whenever she is in either place, there is a piece of her missing, the other part of her. I don’t want to tell the rest of Luisa’s story because she does a great job of that herself.

Her journey finding herself within these separate lives is a great adventure with lots of great recipes along the way. This book in many ways reminded of the journey of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love. And as a bonus, I discovered her blog,, and was very touched by the continuation of her story and will be back to keep up on Luisa’s future adventures. 

Your patrons will love this book, whether they are a food lover or just ready to read of someone else’s adventure. I’m sure they’ll be trying all the recipes Weiss shares, and will be bookmarking her blog to visit again and again, too.


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