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Low Pressure by Sandra Brown

With a ten month old who only occasionally sleeps through the night, a book really needs to grab my attention in order for me to sacrifice precious hours in my bed for reading. Sandra Brown’s Low Pressure is the first book to do that in a long time.

Bellamy Lyston Price has spent the last 18 years trying to move on from the grisly murder of her older sister, Susan, which happened on the same day as a deadly tornado. In an effort to expunge the memories and confusion, she wrote a book anonymously about the event. When it’s revealed the story is actually based on true events, and her identity becomes known, Bellamy is thrown into an unwanted media circus.

But it isn’t just fans who want to meet her; she receives a threatening package from someone who isn’t happy about her telling the story, and she decides to move back to her hometown, not only to recharge from the publicity, but to spend time with her terminally ill father before he passes away.

In an effort to determine who is threatening her, she hires Denton Carter, Susan’s boyfriend at the time of her passing and a prime suspect in the murder, to fly her family to Houston for her father’s cancer treatments. After she realizes Denton was not the person behind the threats, and he starts becoming a target of the person, they begin working together to solve the unanswered questions.

I’m not sure what kept me hooked on this novel—it was either Susan’s murder mystery, which I wanted to see resolved, or the amazing chemistry between Bellamy and Denton. Either way, I read the entire book in one day because I never found a spot that I felt like I could put the book down and be satisfied to wait until my next chance to see what lie ahead.

Every character in Low Pressure had multiple facets about them, so even characters who don’t get as much page time, like Bellamy’s stepbrother, Steven, are fully developed and interesting to learn about. I even found myself enjoying a couple of the villains, but in a “you’re so creepy it’s fantastic” kind of way.

Sandra Brown’s romance suspense/thrillers are consistently bestsellers, and I have no doubt that Low Pressure will be as well. Stock up on it now, so her current fans can read it right away, and new fans can discover how unputdownable she truly is.


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