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Hiss and Hers by M.C. Beaton

Happy 20th anniversary Agatha Raisin. Yes, M.C. Beaton has been entertaining fans for two decades with her feisty sleuth, Agatha Raisin. Hiss and Hers, the newest entry in the series, proves some things do get better with age.

Agatha, twice married and divorced, certainly excels in finding love in all the wrong places and the determined sleuth, is in love again, this time with the village gardener, George Marston. She’ll do anything to get his attention, even put out the money for a fancy ball just to have the chance to dance with him. He has promised Agatha the first dance. When he does not show up at the event, Agatha goes to his cottage and finds him dead in the compost pile. It soon becomes clear that George has been murdered. What’s also clear is George was quite a womanizer and had had brief flings with several of the village women. Even though George does not turn out to be exactly the man Agatha thought he was, she is determined to solve his murder.

When the police arrest someone for George’s murder, Agatha is convinced they have the wrong person and continues to investigate, putting herself and members of her detective agency in danger.

Passing in and out of Agatha’s life is former husband James and longtime friend Charles. Neither are good marriage material and Agatha will have to continue to search for her man. If only she were as good at finding someone as she is at detecting! It’s a safe bet there will be a 21st-year novel and Agatha will fall in love once again. Personally, I wish M.C. Beaton would give her a break and pair her with a nice man.


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