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Shunning Sarah by Julie Kramer

It’s big-time culture shock when a TV news reporter investigates a murder in Amish country in Minnesota in Julie Kramer’s Shunning Sarah.

When a young boy falls into a sink-hole pit, he discovers he’s not the only one there. A young woman, a murder victim is sharing the space with him. He discharges the weapon he was hunting with and accidentally disfigures the woman’s face–making it difficult to identify her. But when a forensic artist is finished with her likeness, the victim is recognized as a young Amish woman, Sarah Yoder, who had been shunned by her Amish community.

First on the scene is Riley Spartz, a young TV reporter who is always looking for her next big story. Riley has a new boss and he does everything he can to make her life miserable but Riley perseveres, finding stories when no one else could.

The police have trouble investigating because the Amish believe in forgiveness over justice and no one is talking. Likewise, the Amish are not interested in talking with anyone who deals with television and Riley finds it difficult to get any facts from them, even though she does make inroads with the youngest member of the Yoder family. When Riley discovers why Sarah was being shunned, the pieces of the puzzle finally come together and she knows whodunit. Proving it will be something else and the law is not exactly on her side. A “hot” ending is promised.

This fifth novel in Kramer’s series is packed with excitement and intrigue and will keep readers interested in the outcome from page one. Riley is a very likable character and one readers will remember long after they’ve put the book down. That makes it likely that fans will be anticipating the next novel in the series.


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