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The Pigeon Pie Mystery by Julia Stuart

If you’re looking for a light-hearted Victorian mystery this summer, look no further than The Pigeon Pie Mystery by Julia Stuart. It’s packed with colorful characters and dry humor, making it a satisfactory whodunit.

When Indian Princess Alexandrina’s father dies, she is left in serious financial straits. Things begin to look up when Queen Victoria grants her a grace-and-favor home in Hampton Court Palace. Even though it is rumored to be haunted, the Princess and her one remaining maid, Pooki don’t have a lot of choice if they don’t want to be left homeless.

In spite of the ghost sightings, Hampton Court doesn’t seem so bad. The princess is befriended by three eccentric widows who invite her to a picnic with all the palace’s inhabitants, for which Pooki makes a pigeon pie. But when the despised General-Major Bagshot dies after eating the pie, and the coroner finds traces of arsenic in his body, Pooki becomes the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Princess Alexandrina is not about to see her faithful servant hang and sets out to find out who murdered the general. The Princess, while busy sleuthing, may also find a love interest.

While murder is a very serious thing, Stuart tells the tale in a quirky fun manner that will keep you laughing to yourself. It comes highly recommended.


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