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Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Award-winning novelist Megan Abbott pens a darkly intense novel about the lives of a squad of cheerleaders in Dare Me.

Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy are the cheerleaders all the other girls fear and try to emulate. Beth is the captain and Addy her lieutenant and the others are followers. The situation changes when a new, young coach arrives on the scene and immediately does away with captains and lieutenants.

Coach French seems perfect in every way; with a charismatic presence she overturns the girl’s established pecking order and still manages to gain their fierce allegiance. The one person who Coach cannot seem to reach is Beth who still resents being demoted.

Addy, the longtime best friend of Beth’s, is suddenly spending more time with Coach than she is with Beth and Beth, who is nothing if not vindictive, will do anything to restore the former status quo.

The Coach, a married woman with a child, does not seem to know how to establish boundaries. She has the girls over to her house where she drinks and smokes with them. Unfortunately, Coach, who is also having an affair, is not a good role model for anyone and the squad slowly begins to self-destruct. Then a suspicious death hits close to home and the girls find themselves at the center of a crime investigation. They slide ever closer to destruction.

I must say that I did not care for this book at first but it slowly grew on me until I was totally caught up in the girls’ lives. It has been called a Fight Club among cheerleaders and I think that is a good analogy. If you want to look into the dark heart of the All-American girl, you need go no further than Dare Me.


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