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Close Your Eyes by Iris and Roy Johansen

Mother and son have done it again. Who? What? Iris Johansen and son Roy have turned out another spellbinding page-turner with Close Your Eyes. I deliberately use spellbinding and page-turner together because this novel is so suspensefully written that you will not want to stop reading from beginning to end–in one sitting.

Johansen, the mother, is known for her strong female characters and in Kendra Michaels, she has outdone herself. I don’t know how much Roy, the son, has to do with that but together the two writers have created a female that’s hard to forget. The male lead in the story is a strong character too.

Kendra Michaels was blind the first 20 years of her life. Given her sight by an operation, Kendra now works as a music therapist. Due to her onetime blindness, her hearing, sense of smell, touch, and observation have all been honed to remarkable levels of efficiency. That’s why she has been used in the past by the FBI to help solve crimes. Kendra doesn’t have a particularly cordial relationship with the FBI and in fact, had told her ex, Robert, an FBI agent, that she is done working with the bureau.

Then Adam Kyle enters her life. The former FBI agent is asking Kendra to get involved in a serial killer case. Kendra refuses his request until he tells her that Robert is now missing and he thinks it has something to do with the murder case Robert was investigating. Wanting to find Robert if he is still alive, Kendra reluctantly becoming involved with Kyle and the FBI.

From the time she is brought back into a working relationship with the FBI, until the last page, Kendra’s life is turned upside-down. What began as a murder investigation turns into a multi-million dollar conspiracy in which nothing and no one is what they seem.

I love it when a good plot comes together, and this one comes together very nicely. Close your eyes and visualize suspense at its best. The book cover will say Johansen.


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