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The Good Dream by Donna VanLiere

I have to say there was something about this cover that made me stop and say “that author sounds awfully familiar.” Then I realized The Good Dream was written by Donna VanLiere, author of Christmas Blessing and Christmas Note.  I’m sure for many blog readers; a light bulb just went off as well.   

In The Good Dream, we are transported back to the 1950’s. Ivorie Walker is a 31-year-old spinster.  She lost her father two years ago and her mother died just recently; she had been their caregiver for years, so she feels a bit lost without them. 

Since she is a school secretary, Ivorie has the summer off and doesn’t know what to do with herself. She begins considering men she would never have felt suitable before, so she doesn’t have to be alone. She begins to let George Cooley, a widower, in her life. Their courtship has such a sweet feel from a forgotten era. George brings blueberries from his farm and Ivorie makes dinner for him.

In the meantime, there is an abused boy, whose mother has died, that keeps appearing in Ivorie’s yard while she’s asleep–wreaking havoc in her garden. Ivorie catches him one night and they form a tentative bond where she feeds him, but doesn’t know his name.

One night when the boy comes to visit, Ivorie helps him get cleaned up since he is covered head to toe in dirt. She sees the boy has been beaten on his back and the next day she sets out to find him. Will she be able to save the little boy? Whose boy is he, anyway? And how will George and the town deal with Ivorie’s newfound independence?

The Good Dream is a perfect summer read. It’s like sipping sweet tea on your front porch on a hot summer’s day. You’ll want to, and should, add it to your shelves today.


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