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Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson

There are many times we watch someone on TV and feel like we know them since they enter our homes so often. I felt that way when I began Yes Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. I’ve watched Marcus on Chopped!, so I already knew he loved bold flavors and really tasting the ingredients. What I didn’t know were the layers that have formed this unique man.

Marcus Samuelsson’s life started in Africa, and he would eventually travel around the world; however when he was small, he and his older sister were adopted into a loving Swedish family. His Swedish grandmother taught him to love food and what he perceived as a failure when he was younger provided him the opportunity to cook.

I don’t want to tell you Samuelsson’s story because I believe you need to read it for yourself, and because I simply will not be able to do it justice. His passion for food is the same whether he’s talking about it, cooking it, or eating and judging it. He is very honest about the industry and his own story; and he shares his story, warts and all.

You will feel many layers of emotions as you read, since he’s crafted the story like a multi-course meal. Go with Marcus as he recounts his journey from an Ethiopian orphan to cooking for a White House State Dinner to cooking in his home kitchen. You’ll find out where his heart and his home have become.

I know foodies will love and clamor for this book, and Marcus’ story will be like a truly awesome meal that hits your palette in many places. This book is a hit for your senses and your heart.


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