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Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews

Quixie Soda is sweet and refreshing, just like Mary Kay Andrew’s Spring Fever. In Passcoe, N.C., there is Quixie Beverage Company and the family behind it, the Baylesses. Annajane Hudgens and Pokey Bayless Riggs have been best friends since they were girls. Pokey’s brother (and Annajane’s ex-husband), Mason, is getting married and Annajane is there. The wedding seems as though it will be the wedding of the year until Mason’s little girl, Sophie, gets stomach pains and has to be rushed out of the church before his new bride Celia makes it down the aisle.

As you learn Annajane’s and Mason’s back story, their history as kids and their romance, you begin to fall in love with them. Annajane and Mason’s mothers have never gotten along, so when Annajane and Mason married, her mother-in-law was the mother-in-law from hell. As Annajane and Mason struggled in their marriage, Mason’s father passed away and he had a daughter from another woman. However, Annajane fell in love with Sophie as much as she did with Mason.

Annajane is with Mason as his little girl has to have an emergency appendectomy. As his wedding is postponed, Mason is also sad Annajane will be moving away and marrying a musician she met while visiting her mother. Is he really over her?

This is a fast-paced book with lots of twists and turns. Is Mason’s new bride, Celia, really in love with him or his money? What about her past, will it all add up? Pick Spring Fever up today to find out. It will be a great break from the heat.


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