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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn is an author with a razor-sharp take on relationships and life in today’s speedy, super-hyped world. She takes us smack into the middle of the marriage relationship of Nick and Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. In alternating chapters, we come to understand how each feels about their marriage. It’s not surprising that they have much different views. Amy’s story is told through diary entries while Nick’s is in the present, and in rambling reminisces into the past.

Nick and Amy met and fell in love in New York City and had three happy years of marriage. Then both lost their writing jobs due to the Internet and they moved to Missouri to take care of Nick’s ailing Mom. Amy has yet to find work while Nick is now co-owner of a bar. As the story opens, Nick and Amy should be celebrating their fifth anniversary. Instead, Nick comes home to find the living room in a state of chaos and Amy gone.

Just about everyone, with the exception of Nick’s twin sister Margo (Go) thinks Nick played a hand in Amy’s disappearance. To say much more would endanger spoiling the plot for the reader so I won’t but I will say Flynn draws the reader in as skillfully as a spider weaves a web. It’s safe to say the police and the media are not enamored by Nick’s behavior but neither does his off-hand manner prove he did anything to his beautiful wife.

Suspenseful from beginning to end, Flynn has penned a suspense novel that will have readers clamoring for her fourth novel– whatever shape it takes. Number three is a sure-fire hit and I give it four stars out of five.


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