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Oh, Baby! by Tia Mowry

In fourth grade, we had a project where we had to write to a celebrity. I think the purpose was to teach us how to write a decent letter, but I took it as an opportunity to get an autograph from not one, but two, of my favorite celebrities: Tia and Tamera Mowry. I loved Sister, Sister, and when I got the autographed picture in the mail, I was ecstatic! Since then, I have enjoyed their numerous projects, including their most recent reality show, Tia & Tamera. When I saw her pregnancy book, Oh, Baby!, I knew I had to read it, even though I had my baby seven months ago.

Tia was thrilled to be expecting her first baby with her husband, Cory, and found herself the recipient of a lot of advice, from everyone from her OBG-YN through random people on the streets. While she appreciated what people were telling her, she knew she had to do what was best for her. She understands that’s how all women are, so she decided to share her experiences in hopes that it might help some women through their pregnancy, without sounding pushy.

Tia covers all topics from finding out you’re expecting through the third trimester and beyond. She shares her personal experiences with cravings (sourdough bread was a lifesaver); maternity clothes; hiding the bump until it’s time to tell the world of the pregnancy; morning sickness (that technically lasts all morning, afternoon, and night); and everything else.

Her advice does exactly what she sets out to do: she helps expectant moms find ways to stay empowered, pampered, and laughing out loud without sounding like a know-it-all who feels her way is the only way. In addition to the great pregnancy advice, her fans will be excited to learn about Tia’s pregnancy; the book goes beyond what was shared on her reality show.

There are a number of books pregnant women can get their hands on, giving them advice on everything from morning sickness to post-partum depression. Oh, Baby! stands out from the rest, not only because of its celebrity author, but because the advice given isn’t too demanding or too out there. As Mowry states, it’s simply her telling about her experiences in the hopes someone is able to learn from it. It’s a great title to add to your shelves, and pregnant women will be all over it.


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