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Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer’s debut novel, Southern Charm, is a charming fun read. Southern Charm starts out with Minty Davenport heading to New York as a little girl and getting to stay at the Plaza, just like Eloise. Once Minty graduates college, she heads to New York for real, hoping to get involved in the fashion industry. Minty gets in touch with her sorority sister, Emily, who is the PR Manager for Sax Fifth Avenue and the same day she’s a seat-filler at a Saks Charity Luncheon.


Minty is southerner through and through, with both a southern look and southern charm. Soon, Emily connects Minty with a barracuda publicist who needs an assistant. Minty will have more than a few meltdowns coming to her. Minty is used to old southern money, but as she gets exposed to New York society she quickly gets a new appreciation for the term.

Minty gets herself in some jams, including an incident with a poufy gown for a charity banquet and not letting a designer into his own event. Minty starts to come into her own and once she starts dating old money, things start drastically changing for this southern belle. Soon she is photographed by Woman’s Wear Daily every time she turns around and her career takes off.

This is a very quick read. Mortimer’s own experiences at a public relations firm, on the New York charity and party circuit, and at Vogue seem to be a great background for her to write this funny look at a southern belle turned Manhattanite. For those who love a tough southern girl and those who love Sex and the City, Tinsley Mortimer’s debut will be a must read.


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