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True Sisters by Sandra Dallas

I’m blessed with a large extended family of women whom I admire. All are strong, capable, vital women and they came to mind quite often as I read the story of True Sisters. Sandra Dallas does a great job of telling the tale of strangers who become each other’s strength as they are united on the grueling journey of the Martin Handcart Company from Iowa City to Salt Lake City.

Mormon converts were given or fashioned two-wheel carts, which families would have to push or pull across the Midwest and the Rockies. I wasn’t familiar with the story of the Martin Handcart Company, and their trek from Iowa City to Salt Lake City; Dallas brings this historical event to life with these characters. I learned a lot while enjoying the story.

As the story unfolded, I had many moments where I thought about my own ancestors and the journeys they took to bring our family to America. These men and women were seeking a better life for their families, and in their cases, believed they were heading to the place they destined to be. The images of these families pushing handcarts with all their worldly possessions on them, burying the loved ones they lost along the way, but still forging on was profound.

For those who are familiar with Dallas’ other historical fiction novels, including Prayers for Sale and The Bride’s House, you will be sure to love this new novel. If you haven’t read her before (like me), this book was a great place to start. I’m off to read The Bride’s House next, but you should read True Sisters today.


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2 thoughts on “True Sisters by Sandra Dallas

  1. Sandra Dallas is amazing!
    Her book The Persian Pickle Club is being made into a movie.

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