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Seriously, Just Go To Sleep by Adam Mansbach

I am the proud mother of the single most gorgeous five-month-old baby boy in the world (Seriously, it’s true. Ask anyone. J ) However, if there’s one thing I would change about him, it would be his sleep. Or should I say, his lack of sleep? When Go the F**k to Sleep came out last year, it was a huge hit, possibly because of the “novelty,” but I was still carrying Jonathan and didn’t fully appreciate it. Now though, I completely understand why parents felt drawn to the book.

After learning a lot of parents were reading the “R-rated” version to their children, (even though it is an adult picture book) Mansbach and his publisher decided to do an actual children’s version of the book, Seriously, Just Go to Sleep.

The lyrical prose is almost a carbon-copy of the adult version. Minus the actual “tag-line” change to be reflective of “seriously, just go to sleep,” there are a few other text changes that neither detract from nor change the original story.

Ricardo Cortés’ illustrations are in the same boat as the prose, with a few minor changes here and there. The artwork is still gorgeous, and I found myself comparing them side-by-side in a sort of “what’s the difference” game (ten points if you can spot the whale tail!).

The two books definitely go together as compliments of each other, so even though they are directed at two different audiences, it would be reasonable to display them together so parents can enjoy their version after reading the kids their version (and they finally go to sleep).


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