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Hush Now, Don’t You Cry by Rhys Bowen

There’s nothing to cry about in the reading of Hush Now, Don’t You Cry, the newest entry in Rhys Bowen’s Molly Murphy Mystery series. Indeed, for any lover of historical mysteries, there’s much to applaud with this book which will keep readers entertained from cover to cover.

Molly Murphy, private investigator extraordinaire, has wed Daniel Sullivan, a Captain in the New York Police Department after a long courtship which took the reader through several novels. Because their honeymoon was interrupted, Alderman Brian Hanna has offered the couple the use of a cottage on his Newport, R.I., estate to escape the city and relax for a few days. Molly has to wonder if there is more to the invitation than meets the eye but Daniel seems willing to take it at face value.

Molly and Daniel arrive at the estate in a torrential downpour and discover to their dismay the gate is locked. Taking shelter in a horse stable, they awaken to discover Hanna did not tell the rest of his family he had invited the couple for a few days’ stay. In the meantime, he has asked the entire family to be present at the estate as well. It’s October and Newport is practically deserted since the summer season is over. Why on earth would he invite them there now? Unfortunately, Hanna will never tell Daniel why he really invited him for the weekend, nor will he reveal to the family the reason he has called them all together. Hanna’s dead body is found at the base of a cliff before all the family has even arrived and it quickly becomes apparent it was murder rather than an accidental fall that felled him.

Although Molly has promised Daniel that her sleuthing days are behind her, she is quickly caught up in the drama playing out around the death. Daniel, who comes down with pneumonia, cannot help local police investigate but this does not keep his spouse from nosing around. There’s just too much going on! What member of the family could want Hanna dead? Did someone follow him from New York City and kill him? And whose face was it that Molly spied in an upstairs window during their very first view of the house?

Before all is solved, Molly will have upset more than one family member and may have placed herself in danger.

If any reader was concerned that Molly would have to give up sleuthing once she married her policeman, I think we have been reassured that she’ll find a way to investigate when a mystery is afoot. I’ve enjoyed this series a great deal and look forward to many more.



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