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If Walls Could Talk by Lucy Worsley

If Walls Could Talk is an interesting fact-filled look at the everyday, the story of how people really lived and loved over the centuries. This book is for the history buff, the fact-finder, and the curious alike. The stories put a different view of what we in modern society take for granted.

The book covers all sorts of topics in the home, and they’re broken up into categorical chapters. The kitchen chapter teaches readers about kitchen appliances and when they became part of the home, not separate from them. Ever wonder why men used to cook more and how women became the cooks? Read this chapter to find out.

Some other rooms covered are the bathroom and the use of indoor plumbing, which became common in the 1860’s, allowing for baths to be taken more easily in the home. How the toilet evolved from chamber pots and even the use of sewers in this ever-changing society are also discussed in the bathroom chapter.

Where does the saying “hitting the hay” come from, and what does it have to do with sleeping? If you check out the chapter on beds, you’ll learn mattresses were once stuffed with hay. This book even covers more intimate things which go on in the bedroom and what unmentionables are around. Did you know that some families even slept in the same bed in the winter for warmth, even bringing in their animals to keep the house warmer in the winter?

In today’s instant society with all our modern conveniences and inventions, we complain about how they break down. We fret when ours isn’t the newest one on the market, but If Walls Could Talk gives us a chance to see where we came from and how lucky we are.



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