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Stolen Away by Alyxandra Harvey

For 17 years, Eloise Hart never knew the world of Faery existed. Then one single moment changed her life. Eloise always thought of herself as a normal teenager, but when Lord Strahan, the king of the faeries, kidnaps her for the single purpose of using her as bait, she learns her life is much more complicated. Each year Strahan has to turn his crown over to his wife, Eloise’s aunt Antonia, for six months. He wants to eliminate that threat to his reign and have complete control of the faery kingdom. Once he has Antonia, it is up to Eloise and her best friends, Jo and Devin, to forge an alliance with the other Fae to rescue her aunt and end Lord Strahan’s rule before he can destroy both worlds, human and Fae.

This book is written from the perspectives of two characters, Eloise and Jo. While this can be quite confusing at first if you aren’t paying attention to the fact that the two names are alternately listed at the beginning of the chapters, I grew to like this idea because having two different views gave the author more freedom to change course within the story. It also helped that the two personalities are so different from each other. This gave more variety to the story and after a short while, made it easier to tell who’s point of view you were reading without having to look.

The characters were well developed. Eloise isn’t what you would call loud and outspoken, but she is able to express herself through her “rockabilly” fashion sense. She is kind and somewhat selfless, trying to help others even if it risks her own safety. Even though Eloise was the main protagonist of the novel, I really began to have a true appreciation of Jo. I enjoyed the fact she was truly her own person and possessed so much spunk. She was very expressive, quirky and funny, and a complete and utter flirt. The only thing I found slightly annoying about Jo was her fascination with British slang. It is the only thing that seemed out of place throughout the whole book.

The bond of friendship that Eloise, Jo, and Devin shared made this book even more enjoyable. Their loyalty to one another is something rare, and went above and beyond at times. Harvey did a wonderful job giving each of them their own sense of purpose within the story.

There are also some fae characters that are important to mention, Lucas and Eldric. Each of them plays a specific role in helping Eloise and her friends, with Lucas as Eloise’s protector, and Eldric, well let’s just say his role is complicated and leave it at that.

For readers who love a little romance, never fear, there are romantic entanglements. And while there are romantic sidelines in the story that I don’t want to give away, this isn’t just a romance novel. Those who love a good fantasy will be satisfied as well. This is a fast-paced, beautiful look at the world of fey that will definitely keep anyone who enjoys fantasy novels entranced.

Harvey’s writing is what many would call quick reading. Books written with flowing writing unencumbered by miscellaneous description or too many intricate plot points allow the reader to flip quickly through the pages and finish the novel in one or two sittings. For a few hours I found myself completely mesmerized by the faerie world she created.



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