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A Summer in Europe Marilyn Brant

Who doesn’t want to spend a summer in Europe? Believe it or not Gwendolyn Reese isn’t interested at first. On Gwen’s 30th birthday, her day doesn’t turn out how she expected in her well-ordered life. She doesn’t receive the engagement ring from her long-term boyfriend that she had been expecting, but she does receive an unexpected gift from her Aunt Bea. There’s a spot for Gwen on the trip Bea is about to take around Europe with her S&M club, Sudoku and Mahjong that is.

I really wanted to like Gwen, but had a hard time in the beginning. When she embarks on the trip, she has a hard time letting go of her rigidity and her routine. But in a moment in Capri, her guard begins to fall, and along with Gwen we are introduced to the British brothers of Emerson and Thoreau.

In many ways the friendship of Thoreau and Emerson and the life-embracing S&M group, many of whom are twice her age, are exactly what Gwen needs. As she opens up the story unfolds, allowing us to go on a journey not only through the breath-taking destinations of Europe, but on a journey of her finding herself. Gwen is forced to answer the question, what if what you thought you wanted, isn’t really what you want at all?

As the winter weather takes hold, this is a great way for you to lose yourself in an adventure not only for the beauty of Europe, but the beauty of a great story.




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