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Little Women and Me by Lauren Bratz-Logsted

Pick your favorite book and write a paper about three things you loved about it and one thing you would change. This is the assignment Emily March’s class has been given, and Emily chooses Little Women. Besides, when you’re tired of being the middle sister and can’t change things in your own family, why not fix things for the March sisters in the story? While deciding what she will write in her paper, somehow Emily finds herself sitting with Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy in the book itself and soon discovers that righting the wrongs in the story won’t be as easy as she thought it would be. After being enveloped in a time period so different from her own, it may be Emily who experiences the most surprising change of all.

I must admit I was not a fan of Emily for most of the book, but that may have been the intention of the author. If so, she did a great job of it. Emily begins as a selfish, whining young teenager who is filled with a sense self-entitlement. Her logic behind her decisions was absolutely horrid and made me want to scream at times. At times she would think or do something that made me feel like she might have some redeeming qualities, then she would mess it all up again. And even though I didn’t like her much, she did have a really sweet and adorable relationship with Beth. Having said that, I believe I was beginning to warm up to her character by the end of the book, but I think it took too long to get to that point.

At times the storyline dragged on a little bit, but I loved the twist Emily’s character brought to the story of Little Women. I felt both time periods were clearly portrayed, and I loved how sometimes Emily would slip up and say or do something more “modern” that made everyone look at her funny. I was confused by Emily’s “story amnesia” at times, considering the fact this was her favorite book that she had read frequently, but I think overall the plot was enjoyable. I truly enjoyed the twist at the end of the story and was pleased with how everything played out.

While this story definitely had a few flaws, it is a likeable tale and it ended well. I do believe the book had a good message, that sometimes change isn’t always best, and getting what you want may not be so great either. As for Emily’s paper and what she would change in the story? Well, if I told you that it would give everything away. I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out!




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