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The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright

I don’t normally like sequels or series because, in my opinion, the subsequent books are never as good as the first. This is not the case with The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright, the follow-up to The Wednesday Letters.

To get you caught up, Jack and Laurel Cooper own a bed and breakfast, and after a life of hard work, faith, and love, they die in each other’s arms. Their children return for their funeral and find the Wednesday letters Jack wrote to Laurel every week of their married lives. They discover a devastating secret, kept from them all their lives, which leads to forgiveness and of course love.

The Wedding Letters introduces us to the next generation of the Cooper family. It’s immediate love for Noah, Jack and Laurel’s grandson, when he literally runs into Rachael. It isn’t long until he takes her home and pops the question at the B&B he was raised in (his parents took over running the place after Jack and Laurel’s death). They quickly start the new Cooper family tradition of collecting Wedding letters, until Rachael gets overwhelmed with situations from her past and calls the wedding off. Perhaps a wedding letter can save everything!

The subplot in this book is as good as the main plot, and the supporting character A&P is very entertaining. She just can’t resist “helping” with situations she’s told to stay out of!

This is definitely a fun read. I would encourage you to get the first book, as well.



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