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The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman

New York Times bestselling author and artist Nancy Tillman shows her unbelievable, heartfelt talents once again with The Crown on Your Head.

Be taken on an eloquent journey, from a parent’s point of view, of the depths of adoration one has for their child. Everyone is born with a crown on their head, which makes them who they are. Tillman’s expressionistic writing takes you from the first day you meet your child to the hopes and dreams you have for their future. She boasts confidence and self-awareness. And “it means, like a star, YOU WERE BORN TO SHINE.”

This book tells us all how from the day we are born we are loved in so many ways. Tillman shows how high our crown can take us and how important we are to those around us. She compares the depth of love to children in a way they can understand, no matter how young.

The greatest definition she gives refers to the meaning of the crown where Tillman writes, “I always knew just what your crown meant. It said that you were MAGNIFICENT. (That means you are grand from your toes to your chin.)…That is about as high as a word can climb.” I’ve never looked at the word magnificent so closely to see, in fact, it is the grandest expression one can say.

Tillman’s magnificent writing and beautifully illustrated pages combine to make this a must-have for every public, school, and home library alike. What an encouraging book for any parent to read to their child, teacher or librarian to a group of children, or child to oneself. You will walk away with your heart warmed, spirits lifted, and crown worn proud. As she mentions, we all have one and we are all loved.



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