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Wife-in-Law by Haywood Smith

Betsy and Kat have been unlikely best friends and neighbors for years, so when Kat decides to marry Betsy’s “reformed” ex-husband, Greg, it makes for a wild tale. Alternating between the past and present, you learn how Betsy, a staunch Republican homemaker, and Kat, a wild child hippie, first met when Kat and her “plumber” husband, Zach, moved into their sub-division and became friends on a hot summer night.

There are some hilarious moments while their friendship develops over the years, including when they both get arrested for a protest Kat stages in Betsy’s front yard and their daughters’ (Sada and Amelia) first day of kindergarten where antics result. There are also some heartfelt moments, including Kat consoling Betsy after Greg leaves her for his secretary, Betsy having a full blown asthma attack, and Betsy supporting Kat when Zach is diagnosed, and eventually loses a battle, with ALS.

You get to know the men in their lives. Greg is a workaholic and deceitful husband. Zach is loving and smart. He’s really not a plumber, but an undercover DEA agent with an Ivy League background. Greg and Zach’s friendship is in the background of the story.

While Kat is still grieving Zach, Greg moves in on Kat, saying he’s a changed man, but can a leopard really change his spots? As Betsy comes to terms with being a Wife-in-Law, there is a strain to Betsy and Kat’s unshakable friendship, especially after Betsy’s agoraphobic hoarder mother makes her first public appearance since Betsy was a girl at Kat and Greg’s wedding and causes quite a scene.

As you find out if Kat and Betsy’s friendship will survive, and if Greg truly changes his ways, there are some surprises from Betsy’s parents, as well as some life and death moments. This is a great story of evolving friendship that will make you laugh and probably even tug at a few heartstrings. Make sure to share it with your best girlfriend.



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