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Angel by Nicole “Coco” Marrow and Laura Hayden

Imagine waking up on a plane and wondering how you got there. You not only don’t know how you got there, you have no idea who you are. Imagine that moments later your plane crashes into the Hudson River. This is the scenario Nicole “Coco” Marrow and Laura Hayden set up for the reader in Angel, a suspenseful fantasy/romance debut novel.

In a state of confusion, the woman manages to get out of the sinking plane, only to discover a baby survived as well. Reeling from shock and injuries and holding the infant, she starts swimming away from the plane toward the first vessel to arrive on the scene. Reporter Dante Kearns becomes part of the story when he jumps from the rescue vessel to aid the woman and baby.

By a process of elimination, the airline determines her name is Angela Sands; however this does little to help her know who she is and no one comes forward to acknowledge her in spite of much publicity. Angela, who has been deemed the “Angel of the Hudson” by the press, doesn’t feel much like an angel. In fact, she feels downright weird. She can hear voices in her head and the thoughts of all men around her. And when a man gets close, her face and form change into the woman of his dreams, disconcerting to say the least. Angela begins to believe that a murdered woman has taken over her body and expects Angela to find her murderer. Dante is the only person willing or able to help her. To get her life back, they are going to have to bring a killer to justice and that may be every bit as dangerous as the plane crash.

Coco and Hayden have done a great job with this first novel. I was enraptured from the first page. There’s a nice blend of reality and the supernatural, enough to keep the reader entertained yet grounded. What could seem like a far fetched plot knits together nicely. You will be forced to suspend belief for a few hours and that’s always fun.

If you want to go on a roller coaster ride of suspense, read this book by Marrow, the wife of rapper/actor Ice-T, and Hayden, who co-wrote a book with Susan Ford, the late President Ford’s daughter.


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