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True Ghosts 3 by David Godwin

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye or felt a cold breeze in a closed room?  Maybe you’ve heard footsteps you couldn’t quite place. Have you thought “am I the only one who’s had these experiences?” Do you just love to hear about spine chilling experiences, whether or not you’ve ever lived them? Then you have to check out True Ghosts 3: Even More Chilling Tales from the Vaults of FATE Magazine by David Godwin.  This is the latest collection of stories direct form Fate’s vaults, and they are just as excellent as the previous collections.  

Fate magazine has been publishing true ghost stories since 1948, and the stories used in this collection date all the way back to the early 1900s. The real-life stories in this collection include tales of apparitions and different experiences involving the spirit realm in a variety of spooky places. You can read about visitations from the departed and how they interact with the living. One of the experiences has a mysterious man, a conversation, and some missing cider. Who knows; maybe you’ll figure out where the missing cider went.  There are also strange stories of near-death experiences and haunted locations.

Whether they are helpful, harmful, or scary, these stories are not easily explained, but fascinating to read.  If you’re in the mood for a thrilling read because Halloween is getting closer, or you’re a fan of being scared while reading no matter what season it is, True Ghosts 3 is waiting so climb into a comfy chair, turn on that old lamp, and ignore those creaky floorboards if you can. 


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