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Jane and the Canterbury Tale by Stephanie Barron

Check out Stephanie Barron’s Jane and the Canterbury Tale: Being a Jane Austen Mystery, for a sweet, entertaining trip back to the 19th century with an admirable sleuth. Barron, who’s written a number of the Jane Austen mysteries, carries it off so well the reader could become convinced he/she is back in England with the famous author. She has captured Austen flawlessly which is more than can be said for some other writers.

Jane is visiting her brother Edward Knight and his daughter Fanny at Godmersham Park in Kent. They are all attending the wedding of Adelaide Fiske, a widow whose first husband was a scoundrel. Adelaide nearly swoons when a servant brings a wedding gift from a mysterious stranger that contains only tamarind seeds, a reminder of her late, lamented spouse. The next day a shooting party finds the body of a man shot at close range with a pistol. When the body is identified as Curzon Fiske, Adelaide’s first husband, Adelaide and her entire family are among the suspects and Adelaide is taken off to jail. Edward, who is First Magistrate of Canterbury, is not afraid to seek advice from his sharp sister. It will take all Jane’s skill to solve this confounding mystery. At the same time, she tries to protect her impressionable niece Fanny from the heartbreak of an unsuitable attachment.

There’s enough of Jane Austen here to go around and to happily captivate many a reader for a few hours.



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