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Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards


I typically fall into a series halfway through, unless it’s by one of favorite authors. So it was no surprise to me that started Emilie Richards’ Happiness Key series with the last book, Sunset Bridge. Although I pouted when there were no more books in the Shenandoah Album series, which I loved, I figured I’d give this series a try. Well, I shouldn’t have waited so long because Sunset Bridge delivers.


Even though it is part of a series, it’s a great stand-alone story which had me engaged from the first chapter when you find out Tracy Deloche, the owner of a rundown beach community in Florida, is on a camping trip with her boyfriend, Marsh, and figures out she’s pregnant.


You will be introduced (or if you’re a series fan reintroduced) to the remaining women in Happiness Key. Wanda, a spunky pie shop owner, whose daughter, Maggie, is moving to Happiness Key. Jayna, a mural artist, whose arranged marriage has become a love match, feels her life would be perfect if she could complete her family with children. Maggie, an ex-cop abused by a good old boys network, finds her career and marriage ended by a case that became her life. There’s also Alice, who’s a bit older, and is raising her teenage granddaughter, but is still recovering from the effects of a stroke.


As we watch each of the women deal with whatever life’s thrown at them, some unexpected children, a new business opportunity, a murder mystery, and the wrath of Mother Nature, we see the power of friendship. We also watch each woman forge ahead creating their own unique path.


As loyal blog readers know, I love a good friendship book. It makes you think about the layers of love in our lives. I can’t wait to go check out Happiness Key and Fortunate Harbor (the first two titles in the series) from my library. It seems a few friends are just the way to beat the summer heat.




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