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Best Staged Plans by Claire Cook

Looking for the perfect book for that day at the beach or lazing in your hammock this June? Look no further. Best Staged Plans by Claire Cook is a light, fun read that will keep you laughing and entertained.

Sandy Sullivan is a successful, professional home stager who lives with her husband and adult son in a Boston suburb. She not only wants to put their house on the market, she wants to put some excitement into her midlife. She’s not exactly having a crisis but she may end up making one. Her husband, Greg, isn’t totally on board with selling the house and son Luke seems to like living at home too much to want to see any drastic changes made.

When the opportunity arises to stage a hotel in Atlanta, Sandy jumps at it. She departs town after telling Greg and Luke she does not want to hear from them until they’ve done their part in putting the house on the market. Sandy arrives in Atlanta to stay with her married daughter Shannon and son-in-law Chance. Almost immediately Shannon gets word she has to go to Boston for job training. Now Sandy will be staying alone with Chance in Atlanta, while Shannon will be rooming with her father and brother back in Boston. Sandy doesn’t dislike her son-in-law; she just doesn’t know him well enough to be comfortable around him without her daughter there.

Still, Sandy gets busy at the hotel, which needs a lot of work, and tries to forget the mess she left at home. She also suspects her boss on the job is having an affair, which wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t also involved with Sandy’s best friend.

The first few days of her stay, she doesn’t miss home and family. But when she does start to miss them and leave messages for them, they don’t get back to her. What’s going on?

Many moments of hilarity make up this novel. Some of my favorite moments came about because of Sandy’s obsession with reading glasses and one pair in particular.

Fans of home makeover television shows will love this story. Even if you aren’t obsessed with do-it-yourself scenarios, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. And it’s always nice to laugh out loud while reading!



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