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 Ask Amy Green: Summer Secrets by Sarah Webb 

Summer vacation is the best time of the year, and every teenager has an idea of the best way to spend the time. In Ask Amy Green: Summer Secrets, Amy knows exactly what she doesn’t want to be doing, but soon finds sometimes even the worst vacations can become the most adventurous.

Amy Green is in many ways the typical teenager who would like to do anything in the world except take a vacation with her blended extended family on a small island in West Ireland. The Dubliner would rather be in Rome with her boyfriend or in Miami with her best friend, but that’s not her luck. The saving grace on her vacation is her Aunt Clover, 17, who also came to her rescue in Ask Amy Green: Boy Trouble, Webb’s first novel in the series.

There is quite a cast of characters, including her mother who is at the end of her rope with two little ones from her new relationship. Her stepdad’s sister, who is a Stepford mother with her organic baby food, fights with Amy’s Mum constantly. Denis, her step cousin, is a little rebel with some issues. There’s also her colorful Gramps who she and Clover connect with an old flame. There are some great distractions in the book, including a gardener named Kit, who’s cute and has a story, and the landlord’s granddaughter Martie.

While on vacation, Clover gets the chance of a lifetime to interview a teen superstar for the teen magazine The Goss, which she is interning for. Of course Clover brings Amy along and another adventure begins.

This is a fun book and a great tween read for the hot summer days ahead.



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