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Cold Wind by C.J. Box


I have to admit I am not a big fan of C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett novels. I have read both his stand alone titles and his books with the reoccurring character Joe Pickett. For some reason, I find this character to be very bland and the book just lacks that “grab me” aspect. I do; however enjoy the character Nate Romanowski, who has appeared in other Joe Pickett novels, including his latest, Cold Wind.


When Joe Pickett’s father-in-law, Earl, is found dead and hung from one of his controversial wind turbines, it looks like a clear cut case of parricide.

The evidence is very strong that his wife is guilty, but when Joe investigates, he finds many other individuals who had a reason to want Earl dead.


Another plot, involving Joe’s old friend Nate Romanowski, is woven into this book, setting up the next novel where it looks like maybe Nate will be the main character. But I guess only time will tell!


I have to admit the ending of Cold Wind has made me want to read the next one. So all in all I would say, while this wasn’t my favorite C.J. Box novel, it wasn’t a bad read either.







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