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Other Eyes by Barbara D’Amato

In both middle and high school, I was THAT girl. Yes, as embarassing as it is to admit, I was that nerd who always had her nose in a book–in between classes, after tests, during study hall, during lunch, to and from school on the bus. It didn’t matter what was going on, I always had a book with me. My love for all things reading went with me to college where I majored in English. When I’d tell people about my degree or my life-long love for books, I’d always skip over one teeny tiny little detail: I pretty much only read a couple authors and avoided others like the plague.

I’ve read every single V.C. Andrews and Nora Roberts book, and I’m pretty sure I single handedly kept Harlequin afloat during the 90s. But after I started working with Brodart, and especially as I began being involved in blogging, I realized that it was time to expand. And boy am I ever glad I did. Not only have I gotten to find some amazing authors (hello Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah, and Michael Palmer), but I’ve started reading genres outside of romance. One of those genres is thriller, and Barbara D’Amato’s newest thriller, Other Eyes, was the perfect place for me to start.

From the very first page of the book, readers know they’re in for a thrill ride, as a one-year-old baby, Adam, crawls across an interstate. Why is he there? Why is he alone? Where are his parents? Luckily, he’s saved by Brad, a high school senior who’s decided his afternoon classes aren’t worth his time.

Through intermingling chapters, readers begin to learn that Adam’s mother is Blue Eriksen, a famous forensic archeaologist working at Northwestern University. She’s used to being controversial, and her newest thesis–that psilocybin, a hallucinogen, can prevent or cure drug addiction–has brought her to the attention of Leeuwarden, a deeply secret international organization that facilitates the production, delivery, and sale of illegal drugs worldwide.

Not only is this a great book in terms of the action, but it’s full of fascinating archaeological facts. I learned more about ancient cultures in this book then I did in high school and college history classes combined.

The characters are great. My favorite, by far, was Brad. I really enjoyed seeing the way he grew, practically from the moment he saved Adam. I felt for Blue as she had to deal with the emotional fall-out of not only her son’s near-death experience, but that someone was out to kill her because of her research, and didn’t care what collateral damage was caused along the way. 

There are definitely some surprise twists in this book, which I won’t give away, but will say that you’ll have trouble putting it down, and it should definitely be at the top of your patrons’ wish lists.



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